voco® Hotel in Solihull

St. John's Solihull
651 Warwick Road,
B91 1AT, United Kingdom

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Frequently asked questions

Where is voco®St. John's Solihull located?

6.4 miles from Birmingham NEC and close to Touchwood Shopping Centre.

Does voco®St. John's Solihull have a car park?

Yes, it is £10 for 24 hours.

What are the check-in and check-out times for voco®St. John's Solihull?

Check-in at voco® St. John's Solihull is from 2pm, and check-out time is 11am. 

Can I pay for early check-in/late check-out at voco®St. John's Solihull?

Yes, contact the hotel for details. 

How much is it in a taxi from voco®St. John's Solihull to the town centre or train station?

Around a 5 minute walk

Does voco®St. John's Solihull have a swimming pool?


Does voco®St. John's Solihull offer cots?

Yes, cots are available on request.

Can voco®St. John's Solihull book me a taxi?

Yes, at reception.

Is voco®St. John's Solihull pet friendly?

Yes, dogs only. £15 per dog.

Does voco®St. John's Solihull have conference rooms?

Yes, 13 rooms, the largest can hold up to 700.

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